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Sunday, January 14, 2018
By Studio Bloom by Shelley
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This family is one of the sweetest! I've been so lucky to have been photographing them since 2011 ... which means that I've seen these little girls grow up.... and boy are they cute! I've been taking a photo journey with them of sorts. I've photographed such amazing times in their lives and it's been fun to capture those moments as they happen. Lucky for me, a friendship has also developed along the way where I can say to her, "Trust me" .... let's do something fun and different this time. So, off we went to one of the local coffee shops. The snow outside made the air brisk so the warm inviting coffee shop was the perfect place to capture them. They just celebrated the little one's first birthday...how can that year have gone by so fast? Again, thankful that we captured so many moments to look back on. 

I'm excited for her to get these up on the walls. Looking back at old photos is a way of taking a journey and remembering paths and steps you've taken. Photos that capture memories, smiles, laughter and time with the ones you love the most are such a great thing to have. 

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