Tween and In Between
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Saturday, February 10, 2018
By Studio Bloom by Shelley
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The tween age.... that age between little kid and big kid. It's that time of sometimes awkwardness and crazy changes. The age where parents say, "they're growing up so fast". They're involved these "tweens".... they're trying new things, new sports, new friends, checking out the latest gadgets and gizmos. And parents are busy hauling them from event to event, to sports practice, dance practice, band, school fundraisers, all while noticing what their really really good at and encouraging them to go for their dreams! And, during this time as their growing it's soooo important to document them in photos. We always photograph babies and high school seniors.... don't miss a chance to photograph the crooked smiles and smirks and sweet freckle faces. They grow up fast..... and tweens are so much fun!

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